Rebekah & Grace

Our mates say we are blooming lovely!

We are sisters and best friends, we live and work together and blame this for our tendency to say the exact same thing at the exact same time (we apologise for that!). We don’t look alike but our mum liked to dress us the same when we were little! We find that being sisters who work together is a great advantage when it comes to shooting weddings, the short hand we naturally have as siblings mean we can anticipate what the other is going to do or think before they do it. It’s a very handy skill we’ve honed over the past 28 years!
A little bit about each of us;
Rebekah is a big believer in the healing properties of a cup of PGtips and has a personal uniform of black, grey and navy, turned up skinny jeans, spotty socks and Dr Marten shoes. Grace loves Harry Potter and Disney, her favourite book and film are Prisoner of Azkaban and Little Mermaid respectively. She loves to wear bright colours and band Tshirts! When we aren't shooting, you will most likely find us at the cinema or a gig, we love films, reading, music and going to explore new places.