We are sisters and best friends based in Blackburn, Lancashire, we live and work together and blame this for our tendency to say the exact same thing at the exact same time (we apologise for that!). We don’t look alike but that doesn't stop people from thinking we are twins! We find that being sisters who work together is a great advantage when it comes to shooting weddings, our sibling superpower means we can anticipate what the other is going to do or think before they do it. It’s a very handy skill we’ve honed over the past 30 years!
When we aren't shooting you will most likely find us at the cinema, we love almost all genres but we aren't horror girls. We are massive tv addicts, our faves are Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Parks & Rec, Nashville, Outlander & Grey's (Just to name a few). We are big travel and music fans. Last year we finally got to visit Sun Studios in Memphis, it was AMAZING!
  • She is a Harry Potter and Disney super fan
  • She also loves DC and Marvel, Batman is her absolute favourite.
  • She has such a sunny colourful style, she can be counted on to pair her band tees with colours that are guaranteed to make you smile. Have you seen the program The Middle? Think Sue Heck with a love of music.
  • Dr Pepper is her drink of choice.
  • Her favourite sweets are flying saucers (the ones filled with sherbet). She can't have too many though because they make her really hyperactive like an unsupervised child at a birthday party!

Grace's Facts

Fave Films: One Fine Day, Sound of Music, Prisoner of Azkaban, Nightmare before Christmas, Practical Magic.
Best Gig: Ed Sheeran. Absolutely amazing!
Music: Pretty much anything I can sing along to. At the moment my playlists contain quite a few songs from Musicals, Disney and The Beatles.
Mastermind Subject: The Harry Potter books
Random Fact: Aside from photography Grace's childhood dream was to be a Blue Peter presenter.

  • She is always in the kitchen! Cooking, baking, you name it. 
  • Groot is her spirit animal... Tree?? and I honestly believe she was Ron Swanson in a past life.
  • She is a big believer in the healing properties of a cup of Twinings Earl Grey Tea.
  • Can be bribed with purple grape flavoured anything! Soda, sweets and jelly (Jam to us in the UK)
  • Has a personal uniform of black, grey and navy, turned up skinny jeans, spotty socks and Dr Marten shoes.

Bek's Facts

Fave Films: Hope Floats, Armageddon, Lord of the Rings, Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet
Best Gig: Ed Sheeran and Snow Patrol were both amazing but Sigur Ros at Jodrell Bank blew everything out of the water.
Music: Hunter and the Bear, Zola Jesus, Sigur Ros, Fleetwood Mac Rumours EP (The BEST album in the word! But Everywhere is my favourite song)
Mastermind Subject: Food
Random Fact: A photograph of 2lb 10oz newborn Bek is on a flag at the North Pole as part of a Borne Charity Expedition.